Release Procedures in The Event Of an Emergency


A rapid, safe and orderly release of every student to calm, cooperative authorized adults in the case of an emergency.


Emblem Academy Child Development Program has a clearly defined Evacuation/Disaster plan that focuses on proper planning and action before, during and after a severe earthquake or disaster.  This plan is evaluated and updated annually.  The Emblem CDP Evacuation /Disaster plan provides the necessary information to ensure the safety of students and staff.

During School Hours:

If your child is attending child care or preschool during the school hours of  8:00am  to 3:00 pm and an evacuation drill is needed, we will join the elementary school in the school wide Disaster plan and will evacuate to the schools  playground. We will then follow all school wide procedures and the students will be released to authorized persons at the Student Release gate located next to the multipurpose room.

After School Hours or Non-School Days:

In the event of a disaster, after school hours or on non-school days, Emblem CDP will follow an alternate evacuation plan.  The CDP children will be evacuated to the schools playground to the safest space available.  The Student Release gate will be the gate off of our parking lot where 1st – 6th grade dismisses daily.  Authorized persons are required to stay outside of the gated area until a staff member releases the child in the appropriate manner.

Authorized Persons:

In any emergency, our staff is required to check I.D. against the Disaster Release card.  Your child will ONLY be released to persons who are listed as the authorized pick up and who are properly identified. If you need to add or change any person’s information on the release card, please do so regularly. Your child has a Disaster Release necklace that will be accounted for once you reunite with you child. It is important that all adults remain calm and allow our staff to properly and safely assess the situations and release the children in the safest manner possible.


When needed, injured students will be taken as quickly as possible to the first aid staging area. Our staff is trained in Basic First Aid and CPR.  If your child is in this area, you will be encouraged to join him or her.  You will be notified at the time you check in with our staff.


The procedures above, along with the cooperation of our parents, community and Child Development Program staff will make our goal of a rapid, safe and orderly release possible.